Tokenize your property, let the whole world invest in it and raise your capital.

Save time on paperwork, due to digital solutions of automated selling process.

Don't worry about marketing. We will promote your property for you.

Build up your crypto portfolio or cash out as easily thanks to the Blockchain.


Of traditional real estate investing versus tokenized


Minimal capital

5 000€

Transaction costs

5-10% of the purchase price

Market visibility

Limited by geography or personal network


Minimal capital


Transaction costs

1-3 % of the purchase price

Market visibility

Unlimited worldwide

How to tokenize a property with Rull Estate

01 Fill the form

Go to the blue button bellow and answer 5 questions regarding your property.

02 Wait for the review

Ofter your offer is received, we will verify it, clarify details if needed and prepare the launch.

03 Start earning

After property approval we will sign the contract, publish your property and start promotion.


Wanna see the results?