Create a Rull Estate account, choose a property and start investing.

Investment per token starts at 50€ and number of tokens per investor is not limited. Upper limit is set for 50 BTC and minimum for portfolio activation is 1 token.

Dividend payments differ from weekly to monthly. The precise information can be found in property's detail or later in your portfolio.

Blockchain allows flexible operation, easy access to your holdings and their high transparency.

How to start with Rull Estate

01 Register & verify

Find a blue button bellow and register. Your Rull Estate profile will be created along with Rull Wallet where you can deposit or buy crypto.

02 Marketplace

Once there is crypto in your Rull Wallet, you are ready for Marketplace. Explore the properties and start investing.

03 Portfolio

Every token you get will be displayed in your porfolio. All the information like purchase history or value of your tokens can be also found there.


Offer a property for tokenization